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About Down Syndrome NSW

The Down Syndrome Association of NSW was established in 1980 by parents of young people with Down syndrome. As the children of the founding members grew to adolescence and adulthood, so too our services extended to all life stages. We now provide information and support, advocacy, capacity building workshops, training in schools, community participation programs, pre-natal expert advice, new parent resources and support and specialist employment preparation and connection.

We are an enthusiastic team of professionals with expertise in our relevant fields of service provision, support and advocacy.  Some of us have lived experience with a family member with Down syndrome, some bring a range of expertise and industry experience.  We are here to support you – all working together to help our members with Down syndrome achieve their full potential.


Some of us have lived experience with a family member with Down syndrome.


Some of us have lived experience with a family member with Down syndrome.

Our mission

Down Syndrome NSW:
(i) advocates for change to achieve social transformation by building systems that promote self-determination;
(ii) creates opportunities for people with Down syndrome that promote connection, capacity and autonomy; and
(iii) provides information and support to families, carers and supporters, informed by best evidence and lived experience.

Our vision

All people with Down syndrome in NSW live meaningful lives as valued and contributing members of their communities.

Our Why

We work to support all people with Down syndrome to achieve their full potential in all life stages. 
We champion the rights of people with Down syndrome to be valued and to take their rightful place in the community.

What we Do

Our Team and Board

Explore the heart and expertise behind Down Syndrome NSW by clicking through to meet our dedicated staff and board members. Our team is a dynamic blend of professionals and individuals with lived experiences, united in their commitment to fostering understanding, support, and empowerment for the Down Syndrome community. Discover the unique perspectives and collective passion that drive our organization forward.

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Phone: (02) 9841 4444

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